The Transformation Begins…


The other week something revolutionary happened to me in my career. After spending many months on Twitter as a regular user I asked myself “I wonder what’s out there on Twitter for teachers?” So I had a quick scan as my normal self. I was already following the likes of Michael Rosen and Pie Corbett and I was kidding myself thinking “Yeah, I’m doing a good job, keeping up to speed on all things educational”. How wrong was I! Within minutes I’d stumbled across people who were in the same boat as me! Almost instantly I started to relate to other teachers who had made the leap before me, expressing concern at the amount of marking they had to do. Polls saying how teachers would get rid of planning but saying marking takes more time. “This is me!” I thought to myself.

I logged out of my Twitter account and instantaneously signed up as my teacher alter ego – @themrdale

Within an hour I was following around one hundred education related people and was up to about 40 followers in 24 hours. People I could vent to, people who knew where I was coming from, people sharing ideas and resources.

Twitter as a teacher has completely changed my perception of the job that I admittedly blew hot and cold with. One day it was the greatest job on Earth, the next I was checking to see how much I’d earn as a postman and whether it was sustainable (it isn’t). I’d gotten so many ideas a spark had been ignited in me. The next day I went back into work armed with @MrsPTeach ‘s way of teaching Guided Reading and told my TA – “We’re trying it this way today”. We loved it, we’ve adapted it to my class but it is still heavily based on what I’d read on her wonderful website –  The next day I asked the caretaker if he minded if I covered all my tables in whiteboard paper as I had read online about people who had done that (most of them on Pinterest) and it had changed the way their classroom ran. This took a while to be delivered and I haven’t used it properly yet but straight away the children loved the idea of being able to use the table as a whiteboard.

I went to IKEA and topped up on numerous resources for my painting cupboard as it was always a mess – again an idea I got from Pinterest. Next thing I plan on doing is going out and getting some plastic baskets and reorganising my bookshelf. Again, I’ve seen it done on Pinterest and Twitter and it looks so easy but so revolutionary. So me and my trusty TA are trying it as it can’t do any harm.

The final thing, and the thing that brings me here today is I’ve read so much about the idea of blogging through Twitter that I thought I ought to give it a go. Inspired mainly by @TeacherToolkit but a whole host of others, here I am. How many people will read this? I have no clue. Will it be any good? I have no idea. Am I giving it a try to see if it makes a difference to me or anyone else? Yes.

If you’ve come here expecting to hear revolutionary ideas from me then I think you may go away disappointed. At the minute I am very much following other people’s ideas. However, as I come to adapt them I can share my experiences and if you like them, brilliant. If though, you have come here to read about the ramblings of someone who has been teaching for ten years and has no desire to move into management, then that’s me. Management is of no interest to me, I love being with the children too much to spend any more time out of the classroom than I already do. This is something quite a few people in my profession (and outside of it) don’t seem to understand. So teachers in my position stand with me and tell me I’m not the only one. Please, don’t take me away from my class in order to go on a middle management training course! I don’t want to go!

That’s it for entry number 1. No idea what will come up in entry number 2, when it will be or whether there will even be one!

Thanks for reading.

Mr D