The year to come…

make a difference phrase on blackboard

2015 was good.

2016 will be even better.

Reading other people’s new year resolutions has put a desire in me to first of all think of my own and second of all to scribe them down.

1. Make a difference to new people

OK, as teachers we all make a difference one way or another every single day, sometimes whether we mean to or not within our schools but more specifically within our own classrooms. I though, would now like to expand my influence to the online community. Over the last few weeks I have read so many inspiring articles by teachers and people in a similar position to me that I read them and think “I’d like to try that”. So I am going to give it a go and try to make a difference to other people out there in the world be it through writing, providing resources or giving advice.

2. Make a difference to myself

This desire to improve other people’s situations has only come about thanks to all those people I have read articles by over the last few weeks. They have had a huge influence on me and I aim to find more people and more writing that will help make me a better teacher and a better person. I really enjoy this new community I’ve found and I hope it continues to grow and helps me develop as a teacher and a person.

3. Make a difference at home

My daughter turned 1 the other week and the year I have spent with her has been phenomenal. I go out of my way to make time for her and not let my work suffer. I am on the way to finding the correct balance but it could still be better. There is never enough time I can spend with her and my wife, so I will be hunting out more of it.

4. Make a difference to the children in my class and the staff at school

I adore the children that I teach and already make a large difference to their lives (I hope so anyway!). For the coming year I hope that this continues and that the ideas I use and the lessons I do mean that they go home raving about both what they have learnt and the fact that they are in my class. It fills me with pride when a child from another class says they can’t wait to be in my class as they have seen all the exciting things we do.

Staff wise I hope to pass on my ideas and influence and to greet every single one of them with a smile and a “Good morning” I want to be the one that everyone feels they can go to when they need someone be it for help or just a chat

5. Enjoy it

All of these just won’t be worth doing if life isn’t fun. So I will try and make the most of every minute and quite simply, enjoy myself.

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